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Winter Business Planning Sessions

Take the First Step to Becoming a Beginning Farmer

The heart of the Stateline Farm Beginnings program is referred to as the Winter Business Planning Sessions. These are 10 full-day class sessions that are held on Saturdays, roughly every other week, from mid-October to mid-February (with a March snow date, if necessary). Currently, the classes are held at Angelic Organics Learning Center & Farm (1547 Rockton Rd., Caledonia IL, 61011). Attendance and participation in these in-person sessions is important and valuable. Most sessions feature a “Meet the Farmer” segment during which participants hear about the start-up and evolution of regional farm businesses directly from the farmer. 

Other highlights include a mid-term farm proposal review by qualified farm professionals, a resources day where participants hear from an attorney, an accountant, Extension educators, USDA programs, insurance providers, a banker and others who provide important practical information. The goal of the Winter Business Planning Sessions is to guide participants through the process of building a strategic farm business plan, utilizing our farmer-led educational model.

Kerry Mortensen, SFB Year 7 2011-12 Graduate

"The many farmers who present their knowledge and stories to this class make it very practical, eye opening,and enjoyable. By working through the homework, I now have a 2nd draft business plan, including critique by a financial professional who presented to the class. Being among other like-minded students as we each work towards similar goals was really energizing."

--Kerry Mortensen, SFB Year 7 2011-12 Graduate

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