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The Birth of Baby Goats Herald Spring's Arrival!

by Nellie Conover-Crockett, Livestock Assistant, age 13

Although spring doesn't seem to be coming, things are already starting up at Angelic Organics Learning Center. Farmers are planting seeds in the greenhouse, baby chicks have arrived, and most importantly, goats have started to have their babies.

Last fall, in October, 8 goats were bred to have their babies in March and April. There were no babies in the first part of March but late on the night of March 17th, Sugar had her baby. Sugar had one girl, or doeling, who was named Blanquita, or "Little White One" in Spanish. Blanquita is white with short ears, which is just what her mom looks like.

No more babies were born until March 20th, which was a very busy day on the farm. At about 10 am, Cocosette started to have her babies. She had one, and then Mia started to have her babies. Cocosette ended up having three kids, one doeling, Azteca, and two boys, or bucklings, Siphano and Cream. They are all tan with short ears. Mia ended up having two bucklings, Silas and Oreo, and both of them were black with white legs and bellies.

At about 6 pm Azabache was found out in the cold barn with a wet frozen baby, who was later named Vern Al Equinox. We brought him inside and and warmed him up and he's now warm and happy with his mom.

There weren’t any more babies until early on the morning of the 27th.  Helenisse had two babies in the middle of the night, one buckling and one doeling. They were later named Riley and Crystal by a Kids with Kids Day Camp group.

The next Kids with Kids Day Camp will be offered April 15th to 17th.  Check out our calendar for other great programs on the farm to come and meet the baby goats!

Baby goat kids at camp