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Blackhawk Courts Trunk or Treat and the Horrible Harvest

It was Halloween Eve in Rockford, IL.  Members of Blackhawk Courts Farm and Garden as well as staff from Angelic Organics Learning Center and Zion Outreach were transformed into the undead. AHHH! Zombie Farmers!

Amidst car trunks decorated for Halloween and loaded with candy, our Zombies stood by our Horrible Harvest.  Our trunk resembled the set up of the summer Farmer’s Market, only this time we sold witches’ toes, frozen hands, eyeballs, skulls and mouse intestines. Our treat was applesauce, which daring children gladly accepted from frightening farmers.

There was another side to our autumn madness besides recreation and partner relations - research. As children and parents passed by our trunk, there was a board listing some options for farm education programs proposed for 2015. Visitors could vote by dipping their finger into fake blood and placing a fingerprint on the ideas they would support. Another Zombie interviewed parents about farm sessions they would like for themselves or their children.  In short, we had a Horrible Harvest and a Frightening Focus Group.

By Katie Townsend, Urban Farm Educator