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Building Sustainable Community

By Kellie Laurson, On-Farm Initiative Program Assistant

As the clay seeped through the spaces between my toes, I felt connected.

Straw. Sand. Manure. Water. Hands. Feet. Heart.

This is the recipe for community as taught to me last weekend at a cob workshop, facilitated and hosted by Randy and Jessie Mermel, two of our beloved On-Farm Educators. I’ve had the opportunity to be at the Learning Center daily for over 2 years now as on-farm staff. The spirit of the place keeps me coming back. I love our food. I love our animals. I love our farm. But of all of what this farm brings to me and teaches me on a regular basis, what I love most is the community.

Our recent Earth Oven & Cob Bench workshop was the very essence of what we aim for at Angelic Organics Learning Center.

It’s the human spirit touching the earth and letting the earth touch us back, allowing it to teach us more than we ever could have imagined.

It’s not just building a community inside of the earth; it’s creating a community with the earth.

It’s feeling connected to the land and to each other.

It’s aiming to leave the earth better than we found it.

I have the chance to do this sort of thing everyday…to build friendships with our staff members, our program participants, our farm animals, and even our land. The precious opportunity before me is one I cherish daily.

If connection is what you want, come find it here. If community is what you want, come build it here. Experience it for yourself; walk away with a new connection to the earth, yourself, and others. One great opportunity to take hold of this kind of connectivity is through our upcoming Permaculture Design Course, a 9-day experience, where you’ll learn a few ways to leave the earth better than you found it as well as build community through the intensive experience.

No matter how you get here and why you come, we hope to connect with you very soon.