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Corn from ear to bread

By Liz Whitehurst, Program Director, On Farm Initiative


Dave Kostka is one of our original On-Farm Educators. When he is on the farm, you're likely to find him identifying insects or sharing his expansive knowledge of nature and agriculture through jokes and stories. When he isn't on the farm, you'll likely find him at his own market garden, where he grows tomatoes, herbs, corn, and more for a farmer's market.

One of his favorite things to grow is corn: not the genetically modified stuff that many farmers in our area grow, but heritage varieties. Besides sweet corn and popcorn, he also shared seeds with us to grow a special kind of corn that is perfect for cornmeal.

"It's called Earth Tones," he said, "because the kernels are all the colors of the earth." Dave has been growing this variety of corn for about 10 years and he says it's rare to find it in a catalog.

Inspired by Dave and the Earth Tones corn, we're offering our Cornmeal from the Ground Up! program this fall. Dave will show families how to "husk the ears, shell the kernels, winnow the kernels to get the chaff. Then we’ll grind and grind and grind, then make cornbread! We'll use eggs from chickens and goats milk, too."

Besides learning all about corn and how to make cornbread totally from scratch, it's a great program because there are lots of hands-on tasks for kids of all ages. Plus, we'll end the day by eating our unique and delicious cornbread together. 

Dave is looking forward to sharing cornbread with you and your family. Or as he says, "Corn from ear to bread - the whole thing!"

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