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Blog Archive: December 2014

At the Learning Center, one of our guiding principles is that biological and cultural diversity are essential to the health of our world. We believe that having all kinds of living things on the farm is not just good and healthy, but necessary for our future.

As the On-Farm Program Director, I'm always thinking about how to weave this important principle into our work, particularly when it comes to welcoming all kinds of people to the farm for our programs. How do we ensure that our program participants reflect the diversity in our communities? Since our programs are funded primarily...

Every time we eat, we're placing a vote either toward our old, environmentally harmful food system, or a new, sustainable one. As both chef and scholar, Dan Barber holds an interesting perspective on sustainable fish farming: he's not only interested in helping the planet, but is also concerned with serving his customers delicious food. In his in-depth TED Talk, Barber explains the ins-and-outs of creating a sustainable eco-system for farming that benefits the earth and animals, as well as produces delicious food.

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