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Employer Support Group at LotFotL Community Farm

All things farm-labor related were discussed at LotFotL Community Farm on Tuesday, April 5th, 2016. The small group of 7 CRAFT members joined Tim Huth, owner of LotFotL and farmer of 10 years, to hash out many workforce issues of the day. What ensued was a very informal, wide ranging discussion. Some of the notable topics brought up included legalities in hiring and firing workers, strategies in finding good help, 4 season employee retention, prevailing wage considerations, and many other things of this nature. With most of the attendees being newer or brand new farmers, a lot of the discussion was abstract, and many left with far more questions than answers (as should always be hoped for).

The potluck was dispatched, as many had busy evening schedules and long commutes, and replaced with snacking during the discussions on delightful jelly filled cookies, coleslaw, sliced beef and cheese, and many other delicious things. Attended by 2 children, the living room of the meeting place was converted to a play palace, with drawings, cat petting competitions, and much additional exploration. The cats were well behaved, for the most part.

By meeting's end, all attendees expressed that they felt better about the labor related facets of their businesses, or about the prospects of hiring future workers. A tour was planned, but that got bumped due to time considerations. In its stead on that one day in April, plans were hatched, and ideas expressed, which will likely lead to new farms being hatched, and newish farms growing in whatever measurable they deem the most significant, all of which will lead to many fine tours of many fine farms, staffed with many happy workers.
Guest Blog Written by Tim Huth, LotFotL Community Farm