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The On-Farm Experience: One Participant's Testimonial

Today's blog post was written by Diana Zak, who visited the farm this October. Thanks to Diana for telling her story! 

I wanted to reach out and say how much my husband and I enjoyed the tour you gave to our SUST230 Food class from Roosevelt University. Both of us think the farm is simply wonderful and inspiring, so much so that we purchased a 1/2 CSA for next year and are entertaining attending the Valentine's Day dinner.

farm tourI have learned a great deal over the last few months from this Food course, a lot of it very distressing, but crucial to acknowledge and digest.  Embracing a new level of awareness as we work healthier food choices into our lives, visiting and seeing Angelic Organics first hand was truly instrumental to that enlightenment.  It is such a relief to know such places, philosophies, and practices still do exist and we fully recognize the crucial role Angelic Organics plays in the collective wellbeing of society, community, and our environment's future. I know had we been able to stay longer, I'd have wanted to both volunteer and sample everything there was to take with us!  Seriously though, I felt very at home and at peace on the farm and taking in what we did was extremely satisfying.

Thank you again for sharing the day with the group, and for all that you do to promote and educate others on such a necessary and positive relationship with where our food can and should come from!

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