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Finding Your Farmer With Help From The Local Beet

Choosing a CSA farm is somewhat like dating – there are as many personalities of farms as there are personalities of people.  Part of the beauty of CSAs  (short for Community Supported Agriculture) is that they offer more than just food – they offer a relationship, a chance to connect with your food and be part of the farm community.  Yet, CSA-shareholder pairings don’t always work out.  It is important to find one that clicks with your personality and needs.

Fortunately, The Local Beet has done all the footwork for you.  Their new 2013 CSA guide offers a comprehensive list of all the CSAs serving the Chicago area.  Their wonderful guide outlines the names and locations, type of CSA, method of farming, shares and costs, pickup sites, home delivery options, frequency of shares, length of season, and what extra products are available with the shares.  Curious about the personality of the farm?  Just click on the link provided to their website and you’ll start to get an idea – especially if the farm’s site has a blog like The Gentleman Farmer

There are so many choices out there, offering something for everyone.  When our partner farm, Angelic Organics, began delivering shares of vegetables as a CSA, they were one of the only ones in Chicago.  Now one of the largest in the country, Angelic Organics has mentored other farmers and Angelic Organics Learning Center has trained and facilitated mentorship of many other sustainable farmers through the Stateline Farm Beginnings and CRAFT network.  In fact, 33% of the farms on the Local Beet CSA list are either members of CRAFT or graduates of Stateline Farm Beginnings. We like to say that the Angelic Organics grows vegetables and the Learning Center grows people. We also like to grow people who grow vegetables!

Even if you have already found your soul mate CSA, it is worth checking out The Local Beet to find the best of everything local - like the extensive event calendar, community forums, and blogs on everything from growing vegetables in the city to finding the best local brews!