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Freedom and Fresh Air on a Farm Overnight

Guest post by Daliah Mehdi

A couple of weeks ago I brought my 5 year old son and 36 of our closest friends to Angelic Organics for an overnight visit. I had sent an email to 10 families, thinking that perhaps half of them might want to join us, but every single one said yes after checking out the farm online.

As people started tumbling out of cars I could see their faces light up as they took it all in. The kids didn't waste a second before scrambling over fences to pet the goats, running through the orchard, checking out the campfire, and gathering sticks. What is the deal with boys and sticks anyway?

By the time tents were up, lunch was eaten, and the farm had been toured, our group had reached a decision; we are definitely doing this again next summer! A couple of hours later we were questioning why we had to wait a whole year.

Our farm educators quickly became part of our group (or did we become part of theirs?) and together we found the perfect balance of activities and learning and unstructured time to explore and play. Our city kids reveled in the freedom and fresh air. And we parents of city kids were able to relax and let our kids be kids, in ways that are all too rare in Chicago.

When it was time to get back into the car my son didn't look up from the tree stump he was inspecting. He simply stated "Actually, I'm not leaving. I'm moving here, and so are you."

I have to say, I did think about it for a minute.

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