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Happy Thanksgiving

Next week, we celebrate Thanksgiving; we gather with our friends and family around the bounty of the harvest, and express gratitude for our relationships and our communities.  For many of us, this holiday will feature the fresh foods grown by our very own, local, Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) farmers!

Let’s make sure that our gratitude extends to our farmers in very real and tangible ways.   Every day these farmers face changing markets, changing climate, and a changing culture that often favors convenience over relationships. 

I challenge you this year to find a fresh and deeper way to express your gratitude. From easy to hard, here are a few ideas to provide both community and support for your farmer. 

  • Express gratitude at your Thanksgiving meal for your farmer, the earth, and the food that nourishes you and your family.  Remind yourself and others at your table of the complexity of farming and dedication of our farmers.
  • Send that farmer a thank you card with a photo of your Thanksgiving spread and your own art, poetry or recipe that celebrates the food they grow for you. 
  • Commit to buy your 2019 CSA share now.  Don’t keep your farmer guessing if you’ll be back!  If they know now that you’ll join the farm next year, they can spend their winter months planning and learning instead of working an extra job or recruiting new shareholders.  Not a CSA member yet? Check out these options to find the right one for you:
  • Consider if you really need that discount.  Many farmers offer a discount for early sign-ups. It typically still costs the farmer the full amount of a share (or more!) to grow your food.  If you don’t need the discount, consider paying the full amount to your farmer as an expression of your value of the worth of your vegetables.
  • Find out if your farmer is charging you enough to cover their costs and have a decent standard of living.  Can they afford health care?  Save for retirement? Provide for their families?  Acquire that next piece of equipment to make their business more profitable and sustainable?  Open a conversation, and learn what actions you might be able to take to provide more Community and Support directly for your farmer.

I close with the vision of Angelic Organics Learning Center, and encouragement this Thanksgiving to find ways to deepen your own relationship and support for the farmers who grow your very food.

"We envision a dynamic and enduring partnership between farmers and eaters who strive for economies, ecologies, and culture that respect the land and honor the people who work it, know healthy food as a human right, celebrate the beauty and mysteries of life and the living earth, encourage authenticity and self-reliance and cooperation, and are sustainable over many generations."

Happy Thansgiving,

Deb Crockett

Executive Director

Angelic Organics Learning Center