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Kiva microloans for CRAFT farmers

Kiva Zip has merged with Kiva, strengthening this financing opportunity for farmers that belong to the Upper Midwest CRAFT farmer training alliance at Angelic Organics Learning Center.


There are 1.5 million lenders on Today, our farmer borrowers can enjoy the exposure to all 1.5 million of them. When we were isolated on Kiva Zip we only had 75,000.

Kiva is a global crowd-lending platform designed to connect anyone in the world to an entrepreneur who needs capital to grow their business. Angelic Organics Learning Center is a Kiva Trustee.

Trustees are people or organizations that publicly vouch for entrepreneurs in their community for the Kiva program. Many entrepreneurs in the US struggle to access capital to launch or grow their business, and as a Trustee the Learning Center can empower our Upper Midwest CRAFT farmers with 0% interest loans up to $10,000. Farmers receive special terms on Kiva, qualifying for 6-month grace periods before beginning repayment.

Trustees add credibility to borrowers, helping them to fundraise faster by vouching for their character, business, and social impact. Before endorsing a farmer borrower, we review their business plan and financial statements and have a series of conversations with them to be sure that the loan will increase business revenue, and that this growth will have a positive impact on the farmer’s business.

Farmers fundraise three times faster than any other industry for US borrowers. All of the loans endorsed by the Learning Center have fundraised successfully — one of them in just 10 hours!  US Farmers have a 96% repayment rate, which is the highest on Kiva US. All of the loans we have endorsed are on schedule for repayment, and we look forward to connecting more farmers with 0% interest financing this fall and winter. If you know a farmer who could benefit from this opportunity, please contact us at


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This is the step by step guide of what Kiva borrowers can expect from the Kiva process: