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A Letter to Santa from Polly Pocket the Goat

Dear Santa:

Please, do not be surprised if this is your first holiday letter from a goat. I am writing with Rudolph’s encouragement as he assured me that Santa loves his four - legged children too!

I have been an especially good goat this year. I have displayed courtesies that are unusual for a herd animal. You will not find me bucking or butting for more than my fair share of food (even if it is sweet grain with molasses). Unlike some of the other wild girls I stay put and observe my curfew. No escaping the paddock for me. 

Not to brag, but I am a special doe. Let’s mention some uncommon goodness.  I am a model passenger on car trips. I carpooled with our Program Director, Katie and Farm Youth Leader Sophie to my debut on a morning talk show. I wooed the host and audience. (Plus, I did not relieve myself on the set or the nice lady’s pretty shoes) 

It is time to mention results. Because of my winning personality….

  • Homemade Ice Cream Family Program - Biggest crowd ever after my appearance. 
  • Five weeks Overnight Farm Camp - Maximum Participation every week!
  • Welcomed recent immigrants to our farm in a Specialty Program- never let be said that I do not extend a hoof to newcomers! I always do!
  • School and Community "On Farm" Field Trips - Around 1,350 visitors. Note: People come to see the goats as well as learn how to connect with food and farmers.

There is so much more I could say but I do not want to be over the top. You get the idea, Santa. 
Please, bring me a pink collar, a popcorn ball and green pastures. The pasture thing you can swing by helping get new donors for Angelic Organic Learning Center! 

Best Regards and Much Love,
Polly Pocket the Goat