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With a little help from friends

When I received a text at 2:41 PM saying Nike was in labor, I was sad that we were going to miss the birth of yet another baby goat! Little did I know that we would do more than witness the miracle of a birth, but assist in a complicated delivery.

My daughter Kaileigh has worked on the livestock crew at Angelic Organics Learning Center for just over a year. Last year we missed every birth, so getting to see a birth was our goal this year. We arrived at the farm around 4:20 PM and headed straight to the area Nike would be with her new babies. You can imagine our shock to see a still very pregnant goat! It was exciting for us she was still in labor.

After a short while we could see "the bubble", which is the sack the baby is in. So, with great anticipation, we prepared for the baby. With towels in-hand we waited . . .  but the sack popped, and no baby showed! It seemed all contractions stopped! We knew there was a problem.

Deb, an employee at the Learning Center started making phone calls and jumped into action. Cleaning her hand and arm, she knelt next to Nike and cautiously slid her hand in to find the kid’s legs. Once she discovered the kid was breech, Deb positioned the baby so she could pull her out. The first kid arrived very lethargic, not moving much but was breathing. Kaileigh and Deb rubbed her vigorously with a towel, coaxing her to wake up and move. We were so excited, a beautiful baby girl!!!

But wait! What is that? Another bubble . . . Nike had another kid on the way! We saw two hooves but mama wasn’t pushing. So Deb went back into action. As she reached in again she said, "I think I am in over my head." She had helped with births before but never to this extreme. As she tried to determine the position of the kid, she realized that there was a third goat in between the hooves and the rest of the baby. She decided to push the hooves back in and then reposition the other goat to be born first.

As she pulled the second goat out, she handed him quickly to my daughter and instructed her to clean the sack off and make sure his mouth and nose were clear. As soon as Deb could, she turned back to Nike and pulled the third kid out, another male, and started cleaning him off.

Then all the sudden it hit us what we just had done and we burst into laughter. We were so amazed at what had just happened; we didn't just witness a birth, but played a major role is assuring the healthy delivery of three beautiful baby goats! I can't get over the amazement of helping bring life into the world, and the sense that if we hadn't been there it could have turned out badly for those goats. I am so glad my daughter and I got to share this experience. What a wonderful story we now have to share with our friends and family.


By Angela Powell, Angelic Organics Learning Center Volunteer