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One Winter Day on the Farm

This time of year, friends who are familiar with Angelic Organics farm might be wondering: What is the farm like during the winter?

As I drove into the farm today, past craggy piles up on either side of the driveway, it was remarkably still. Especially compared to how it feels during the height of the growing season - hands harvesting, machines moving, kids playing - it is quiet on the farm this time of year.

But there is always life on the farm and there is always work to be done. Our dedicated crew keeps the livestock fed and watered. With their distinctive long shaggy coats, Maizy and the rest of our Scottish Highland cattle are well suited to winter. Every so often, our Percheron draft horse Babe sprints across the paddock to get her blood flowing. The bees in their hives huddle together and buzz ever so quietly.

See it for yourself at our Winter Fun on the Farm program, coming up on February 16 from 1pm-6pm. You and your family will help with animal chores, take a farm walk to look for animal tracks and winter farmscapes, and even warm up with a soup made from seasonal farm veggies. Register now on our website.