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Pan's Perfume

Who could have guessed? Through a crazy set of coincidences, chance encounters, and beginners luck, a tincture made from the scent of Angelic Organics Learning Center’s amazing goat buck, Addam, will be featured in an upcoming class on animalistic basenotes for perfumemaking at the prestigious Institute for Art and Olfaction in Los Angeles.

Fine artist Iris Moore became intrigued with perfumemaking when she read a story about a mosque from the Moorish empire that had scented grout that still gives off an aroma to this day.

She took a correspondence course in perfumemaking and had played around with some other scents using all natural materials like plants, seeds, roots, and essential oils, but she was truly inspired when she smelled the Addam at Angelic Organics. She recalls, “I was at a special farm tour given for artists when I had the overwhelming sensation; ‘That goat smells incredible!,’ as I’m sure many of you have.”

Indeed, many people have exclaimed about the scent of the goat bucks during rut, but Iris was likely the first person to be inspired to make a perfume out of the scent!


Capturing the Essence of Goat

She rubbed a paper towel on Addam’s nose and created a tincture in Perfumer’s Alcohol. After many months developing in the jar, Iris began experimenting with scents that included the tincture. “Farmer’s Daughter” is a rose, oak, hay, warm barn animal scent. She generoulsy donated bottles of this to sell at the 2014 Peak Harvest Farm Dinner. She also created “La Mancha,” a spicy, deep, rich, round scent with a lemon kick for those in touch with their masculine side. Iris notes, “I’ve tried to make tinctures with other goats but there is something unique about your goat and I hope to have the opportunity to continue working with him!”

“The highest function of love is that it makes the loved one a unique and irreplaceable being.”
― Tom Robbins, Jitterbug Perfume

The Scupltural Nature of Scent

Iris is intrigued in how the perfume ages and develops, as well as the “sculptural aspect of scent - how much space it takes up,” she said. “Due to my background in performance art, sculpture, and installation art, I am interested in the evolution of Addam’s smell over time. When it is mixed with essential oils and other tinctures it both enhances and adds a beautiful creamy softness to the finish.” Iris has begun to blend her ceramic art with her perfume art, making ceramic objects called monclins and polyclins that are made to contain and emit the scented material. Iris explained, “After time, all of the stages of the perfume become apparent as it becomes volatile in the air, all of those scents are present in the bell jar. You can smell the opening note, heart note and the base note.”

For Those with a Distinguished Olfactory Sense

Much like observing people's reactions to visual contemporary art, it has been interesting to witness people's reactions to the perfume. While not everyone wants to wear the scent, they are all intrigued. The perfume has been received very well by discerning noses, Iris explains, “I've been surprised and pleased by “Addam’s” reception by niche perfumers. It appears I’m not the only one who finds Addam irresistable!” In fact, bottles of “Farmer’s Daughter” have been bought at the farm by some international travelers. The scent has spread to South America and the Middle East.

Where to Buy

You can pick up bottles of the "Farmer's Daughter" at the Learning Center store or contact us to order. For more information on Iris' perfumed ceramics, contact her directly at

Rave reviews for the Addam tincture:

"The Addam tincture is a positively mesmerizing scent. I had the pleasure of sampling this tincture only briefly, but the beauty and complexity of it has stayed with me as I anxiously await the next batch! Rich, deep, and animalic, with elements of fresh earth and hay. It smells of the essence of life; a little funky, yes, but in the most intriguing and delicious way. I am giddy with excitement to have an entirely new natural animalic note in my palette, which is not only olfactively exquisite, but is also artisanally crafted and cruelty free."
Ashley Eden Kessler
Resident Perfumer
Institute for Art and Olfaction