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Q&A with Wayne Weiseman, Permaculture Instructor

We in the On-Farm Initiative are so excited about a special course we're offering at the end of this summer. For the first time, we're hosting a 10-day Permaculture Design Certificate class. We hope that this unique, intensive course will inspire and equipment students with all kinds of skills and knowledge for taking care of the earth and creating healthy, resilient food systems. (You can register here!)

We're welcoming Wayne Weiseman of the Permaculture Project to the farm as our instructor. To get to know him a bit better, we asked him some questions about his experiences teaching permaculture. Read on to learn more!

Tell us about a particularly great Permaculture Design Certificate class that you've taught recently.
All of my courses have been exceptional. The students in the past few years are coming into courses much more experienced. I recently taught my yearly George Mason University course in Virginia with thirty-five students. I have taught 130 PDC’s and I learn an incredible amount from my students, and this course was enlightening, as are all the rest.

What do most people do with their Permaculture Design Certificates after the course? Do they end up as permaculture designers? Farmers? Better home gardeners?
It varies. One thing I can say is that students take the information and work with it on the ground. I have had over 2000 students in Permaculture and most of them are working to manifest the principles and methodologies of Permaculture in the flesh. Some students go many steps further and receive additional advanced training and go on to become designers and teachers. I continually work with students after the course to help make this happen, based on their personal goals.

The Permaculture Design Certificate class covers a lot of different topics! Which do you feel most passionate about?
I feel passionate about all areas of the course. I have had experience implementing all of it for the past forty years. Agriculture and gardening, the built environment, animals, energy systems, working with the waste stream, the list goes on. Permaculture is a comprehensive planning and design system and everything that goes into someone’s lifestyle needs attention.

Why are you interested in and excited about teaching a Permaculture Design Certificate class at Angelic Organics?
I have been working with biodynamics and Rudolf Steiner’s ideas for over forty years. Permaculture and Steiner are talking about the same thing: building a farm organism where functional relationship of all elements placed in the landscape is tantamount to producing high yields of food, medicine and utility. Observation is key here, ongoing and protracted over the long term. Biodynamics, as do all organic systems, fit snugly under the umbrella of Permaculture. But, of course, all of this goes way beyond agriculture. We are talking about a complete lifestyle, and Rudolf Steiner and Bill Mollison have both touched on every aspect of a human being’s existence.