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The Real Dirt on On-Farm Educators: Neddy

This post is the next one in our series "The Real Dirt on On-Farm Educators", which was created by our Duffy Community Partnerships intern Lauren Strug to help the world get to know our On-Farm Educators. Read on the learn more about Neddy Astudillo, who is one of the co-founders of the Learning Center, as well as an On-Farm Educator.

How long have you worked at Angelic Organics?

On and off, I have volunteered or worked since AOLC started in 1999. (Neddy is a co-founder of Angelic Organics Learning Center)

What experiences inform your work at the Learning Center?

I am a pastor at Parroquia San José in Beloit, WI and also work part-time for the organization Our Voices as Latin American coordinator.

What classes do you teach?

I teach soap making and cheesemaking in spanish and farm tours on organic farming basics.

What is one interesting fact about you?

I am a theologian and Presbyterian pastor with a strong interest in the connection between ecology and faith.

Favorite thing to grow and/or eat? Favorite farm animal?

My favorite thing to grow and eat is spinach and my favorite animal at the farm is Babe, the horse.

What has been your most rewarding teaching experience at the farm?

Is the moment when a young child or youth connects with an aspect of the farm. It may be the moment they try something new and like it, the moment they ask a curious question, or the moment they understand the interconnection among species that makes our good food possible.