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Reflections on a Bat Mitzvah at Angelic Organics Lodge

The following is an exerpt from a letter from Becky Levi, a mom who planned her daughter Noa's Bat Mizvah on Earth Day weekend at Angelic Organics Lodge. We were so grateful to meet wonderful folks and hear such a beautiful review.

Still on a high from our wonderful experience at Angelic Organics Learning Center! We couldn't have wished for a more comprehensive, informative, exciting, loving, and joyful journey. Noa was over the moon and hasn't stopped talking about the farm, and of course, the baby goats, to anyone who will listen! I believe that her time at the farm may have changed the course of her life. She is a passionate animal lover and I feel that now she is clear that working to support the welfare and wholistic care of animals, and her interest in living a farm life has become a path she is determined to follow. As a mother, there is nothing more thrilling than watching one's child light up and feel so filled with inner happiness. I am excited to see where this will take her.
This journey would not have happened so successfully without your incredible dedication and commitment to educating and tremendous talent for designing curriculum which engages, inspires, challenges, and sparks curiosity. Your love for environmental education is in every lesson you give and your compassion and patience for the children who listen is palpable. The team who took the curriculum and ran with it were focused on creating the ultimate experience for Noa's bat mitzvah celebration. They were warm, caring, informative, and always positive.
Thank you for sharing the farm with us. We all left better human beings for it. This is not an experience that will soon be forgotten. Noa is already planning a timeline for next visits with hopes of spending time permanently at some point. Angelic Organics Learning Center and it's incredible team has found a very special place in our hearts. ~ Becky Levi

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