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Rockford Urban Farming for Food Justice, Health & Sustainability

Rooted in Food

 So many health problems stem from the choices we make with our diets - from diabetes, malnutrition, obesity, hyperactivity, depression, and much more. It goes deeper than our choices, however. The current food system is set up to promote these unhealthy eating habits through manipulative marketing, food cost and accessibility.

What’s more, issues of racial and income inequality are also deeply tied to this food system. The cheapest foods are often the most unhealthy. Many urban neighborhoods only house convenience stores for food, where fresh and healthy options are not available. It’s hard for people to have the same opportunities to better their well-being and lifestyle when they don’t have access to healthy food.

 Growing Healthy

 Fortunately, there are folks working right here in Rockford to improve the local food system and address all of these problems. The Roots & Wings Network of Angelic Organics Learning Center grows organic vegetables while motivating, educating, and inspiring youth and adults to be leaders and role models in their communities.Roots & Wings urban farmers at Angelic Organics Youth are the leaders of Roots & Wings, with older youth teaching younger kids about farming and food. Youth Leaders market their produce through the summer while earning money, job skills, and public speaking experience. The Rockford farms are located at Blackhawk Courts Farm and Garden and Tinker Swiss Cottage and Gardens.

 Support Local & Get the Freshest Food Available

You can help support the young urban farmers by buying a share of produce from the Roots & Wings’ CSA (Community Supported Agriculture). By investing in juicy tomatoes, crisp greens, fragrant herbs and flowers, and more; you can also invest in the improvement of the community! It’s win-win-win, all around:

Youth farmers win because they learn valuable skills while growing healthy food and giving back to the community.

Rockford communities win with access to fresh food.

Life on planet earth wins by reducing the amount of greenhouse gasses produced through industrial agriculture and the transportation of food (did you know that, on average, food travels 1,500 miles from farm to plate?!)

Residents at Blackhawk Courts win if they take part in the Roots and Wings’ Cares and Shares free share program or gather produce from the resident-run community garden.

The CSA shareholders win with a variety of fresh, clean, and vibrant vegetables, herbs, flowers, and more delivered throughout the summer. The CSA is even offering an optional add-on of local honey this year!

So don’t wait, become a Roots & Wings CSA shareholder today and help make Rockford a healthier and happier place to live!