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Roots & Wings Youth speak at 1st Annual City of Dubuque Sustainability Fair

Written by Donovin Lewis, Debora St.Fluerose and Ketura St.Fleurose

During the summer of 2015 there was an adventure quest to the City of Dubuque 1st Annual Sustainability Fair. The adventurers included three Youth Apprentices, Donovin Lewis, Debora St. Fleurose, and Ketura St.Fleurose, along with staff members, Katie Townsend and Desmond Moore. Our quest was to be keynote speakers and represent Angelic Organics Learning Center as an extraordinary organization.

Before the Sustainability Fair Event we swung by Galena a historical Illinois city. The first thing Debora noticed was that the town was as quiet as a library, and how many of the shops had locally grown samples to try. One freshly  grown sample Donovin noticed was the scorpion pepper. He tried it and his mouth was on fire for like 15-20 minutes.  After our tour of Galena, we drove to Katie’s sister house. That night, we ate smores at our campfire. Then later, played the game apples to apples. 

The next morning we had a big breakfast then went on with our quest the keynote speech.  The speech had several speakers and highlights.  Donovin talked about the different things education does and how we give back to the community.  Ketura informed about Enterprise, which includes our farm stand, and CSA’s.  Debora spoke on behalf of all the living things on earth and their connection to us, and received a review on how it had brought tears to a listener’s eyes.

We celebrated our epic quest by drinking homemade root beer floats from the microbrewery in Galena. What we brought back from the City of Dubuque Sustainability Fair was we made professional connections, realized that we could give a high quality speech and learned some new activities to be used at our farm.