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Scrap the Scraps!

Can I name this one Henry?” or something similar, has come from many of the kids that I’ve seen hold a worm.

A red wiggler. Our tiniest farm animals, they are also one of the most valuable.

Every day, we have to eat. We also tend to have a little bit of waste every day…that extra handful of rice, the last bite of a sandwich, an apple core or banana peel. 

The good news is that red wigglers have to eat, too. And they are good-to-the-last-drop definitely not-picky eaters. Throw in that apple core, they gobble it up. The rice you threw out is a perfect lunch! If you have scraps, they want ‘em. 

We love our worms. They are happy-go-lucky and very low maintenance. They even work for us every single day just because they have to eat, too.

You can learn more about our worms, how they work for us, and even bring some of your own home to gobble up your scraps at our Family Worm Farm Workshop in just a couple weeks!

What will you name your new friends?