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Second Annual Beginning Farmer of the Year Award

Angelic Organics Learning Center and the Upper Midwest Collaborative Regional Alliance for Farmer Training (CRAFT) are recognizing beginning farmers and their mentors with the 2nd annual Beginning Farmer of the Year award.

While the demand for local, organic food is growing and more people with non-farming backgrounds are becoming farmers, farming is still not an easy profession. It requires hard work, long hours, perseverance, ingenuity and business savvy. Although farmers provide consumers with food three times per day, they often do not get recognition for their service to the community. Angelic Organics Learning Center will present the winner and runners-up with cash awards at the Good Food Festival opening symposium on Friday, March 14th at 10:15 a.m. The Good Food Festival, hosted by and held in Chicago, is the leading event of its type in the country, and will be celebrating its 10th Anniversary, March 13th-15th, 2014.

This year, each nominated farm submitted a short video for the Beginning Farmer of the Year Award. These videos share a compelling creative, humorous, or inspiring story. The winning farmer will be a demonstrated leader, innovator, or community-builder.

And the nominees are . . .


Trogg's Hollow

Chris and Marcy Prchal farm at Trogg’s Hollow while homeschooling and raising their four children. Trogg’s Hollow is a family-owned and run farm located in Elgin and Poplar Grove, IL. Their goal is to grow good food naturally and to live and farm as sustainably as possible. “We really push the community aspect of Community Supported Agriculture,” Chris Prchal explains in their video. They consider their customers to be their “farm family”. Additionally, they donate a share of their vegetables to a family in-need through the YMCA.

Trogg's Hollow Nomination Video:


LotFotL Community Farm

Tim Huth owns LotFotL Community Farm in Elkhorn, WI. Lotfotl is an acronym for “living off the fat of the land”. Tim is also dedicated to community. Every year, LotFotL donates produce to local food pantries, school fundraisers, or habitat for humanity. LotFotL offers many farm products, including honey, fruit, meat and eggs in addition to vegetables to the greater Milwaukee area. Tim Huth explains the challenges he and his farm team have faced, “Any number of ills you can dream up, we’ve dealt with and we go through it. That’s built some fortitude, for sure, but definitely humility as well.” Despite the challenges of farming, LotFotL plans to substantially develop the farm business in 2014.

LotFotL Nomination Video:


Wild Ridge Farm

Alissa Moore farms at Wild Ridge Farm near Waubeka, WI. Like LotFotL, Wild Ridge also serves the Milwaukee area with their sustainably grown vegetables. Alissa states, “I have known since the first week of my first farming internship seven years ago that I wanted to do this work for the rest of my life.” Alissa didn’t grow up in a farming family and didn’t have the capital to start her own farm. After interning on farms across the country, Alissa met a couple that provided land and resources for her to start a sustainable farm on their land.

Wild Ridge Farm Nomination Video:

The winner will be presented with a $500 honorarium at the Good Food Fest. The two runners-up will received $100. The Good Food Festival will offer an exhibit hall of more than 150 farms, local food artisans, restaurants and non-profits. There will also be top chef demonstrations, DIY workshops, lectures, and an urban farm bus tour, on Saturday, March 15th.