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Social Investors Wanted For Angelic Organics Farmland

Would you like to support sustainable agriculture by investing in farmland managed by Angelic Organics?  Several shareholder families who invested as co-owners in the 39.25 acres held by the “Angelic Organics North LLC” want to sell their shares to another social investor.   A timely investment in farmland will help Angelic Organics community supported agriculture farm, located in Northern Illinois, to grow good food for more than 1,500 families and the Angelic Organics Learning Center to educate more than 4,000 farmers and eaters for a healthy local food economy each year.

In 1998, twenty-seven families pooled their resources and purchased a 39.25-acre parcel of farmland adjacent to Angelic Organics farm.  Their purpose was to hold the land in common for 15 years and lease it to Angelic Organics, the expanding community supported agriculture farm that was growing their vegetables. The parcel, known as Angelic Organics North (AO North), hosts nearly half the vegetable fields currently used by Angelic Organics farm to grow vegetables for more than 1,600 households each season.   The AO North LLC has been win-win for everyone.  The investors received a ‘slow money’ return on their investment, the farm grew, the Learning Center was born, and more families gained access to high quality vegetables and life-changing educational programs!

In 2014, the AO North LLC reaches 15 years old and sunsets.  The majority of the families in the LLC aim to extend the LLC for a proposed three years. Due to changing life situations in some families, a few LLC members need to sell their shares.  That’s where you may come in!

Would you like to buy a share or multiple shares from the families who want to sell theirs from the Angelic Organics North LLC?   The value of a single share is approximately $15-16,000 based on a 2013 appraisal (an appraisal for 2014 is under consideration) and roughly represents a 2-acre portion of the Angelic Organics North 39.25-acre parcel.

Social investors receive:

  • the satisfaction of keeping this land in food production, stewarding it with ecological farming methods, and providing time for Angelic Organics Association to raise the resources to protect the land in perpetuity via a community land trust;
  • an approx. 2-3% return on investment (farmland rental income at market rate), and
  • a potential appreciation -- farmland appreciated from $4500 in 1998 to $7900 in 2013. (To be clear, past performance is no guarantee of future appreciation.)

Angelic Organics Association serves only as a facilitator to match up outgoing investors with incoming investors.  Any sale will be between the buyer and seller and does not directly involve Angelic Organics. Angelic Organics holds the lease on the AO North farmland for farming and educational purposes.

If you would like to explore this investment opportunity, please contact Tom Spaulding at 815-243-1554 or contact us for more information.  Tom can provide you with a list of frequently asked questions, more details on the shares available, and put you in touch with the families who are selling their shares. 

 AO North LLC is 39.25 acres and borders Rockton Road on the north and the entry drive to the Angelic Organics Association on the east.

AO North LLC is bordered on the south by two of the four parcels managed or owned by Angelic Organics farm.  To the northeast of AO North LLC is the parcel known as  “Kinnikinnick Fields” (70 acres), owned by Angelic Organics Learning Center.