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The Sting of Inspiration: Local Artist Lily Picot's Interpretation of Bees

Local artist and studio art instructor Lily Picot has been fascinated with the insect world for as long as she can recall. As a young girl growing up in North Carolina, she would perch next honeysuckle plants, studying bumblebees and marvelling at their furry bodies. 

The writings of Tom Robbins indulged her fascination with bees as an adult and have inspired much of Lily’s art. She graduated in 2013 with a degree in Art Education from NIU and is currently teaching art to students at Auburn High School and Flinn Middle School in Rockford, IL.

Lily still likes to get up close and personal with bees and plans on building several honey hives in the spring. “I am fascinated by the parallels between insect societies and our own; with the workers, the hierarchy, bio-ingenuity, and extraordinarily complex relationships,” Lily explains. Her inspiration has developed into concern for the drastic decline in honeybee populations and a desire to emphasise how vital honeybees are to our food system. Lily’s art reflects both her deep admiration for beekind and also sends a message about how connected we are to the bees and how our agricultural practices impact them.

Lily Picot has been an Angelic Organics shareholder and a volunteer to Angelic Organics Learning Center, including being the official photographer of our 2013 Peak Harvest Farm Dinner. She lives in Rockton with her family and looks forward to putting her new beekeeping suit to good use this year.

To learn more about bees, sign up for our Intro to Beekeeping workshop on February 8th!

By Jessie Crow Mermel, Communications Coordinator and On Farm Educator