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"Take Your Chicken to Work" Day

Here at Angelic Organics Learning Center, we love chickens.

So much so that we have staff who have worked in their cities, towns, and villages to overturn the chicken laws so that residents can have feathered friends in their own backyard. (By the way, congratulations Roscoe, IL!)

We love chickens so much that we frequently stop a conversation mid-sentence to gawk at their awkardly hilarious run.

We love chickens and we can't get enough of them.

In light of this chicken-love, we recently decided that enough was enough. It was officially time for "Bring Your Chicken to Work" Day.


As you can tell, I'm ecstatic to be taking part in the the first ever "Take Your Chicken to Work" Day! My hope is that this phenomenon becomes an annual routine, as well as commonplace amongst various work places! (Then again, maybe not...)





There is nothing like having a watchful hen to keep you motivated and productive. Luckily, every day is Take Your Chicken to Work Day at the Learning Center.






We take our meetings very seriously. Especially where chickens are involved. Our Communications Coordinator, Jessie, found herself smack dab in the middle of a chicken meeting so serious, it could be described as a chicken showdown.

If you haven't had the chance to take your chicken to work, don't worry. We already do everyday! Just come hang out with us at one of our upcoming events and you too will have the chance to hang out with our hilariously adorable chickens. Hope to see you soon!