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A Thanksgiving story to tell

Imagine this scenario: as you sit down to Thanksgiving dinner with your family, you begin to realize that each dish has a story.* Perhaps it’s a story about the farmer who grew your mashed potatoes or the friend who gave you his cranberry sauce recipe.

Now imagine: your kids made half the dishes on your Thanksgiving table - so they’re the ones leading the storytelling. They’re sharing tips for proofing yeast and laughing about how they almost spilled the filling as they put the pumpkin pie in the oven.

That’s what makes our Thanksgiving Food from the Farm program so special. Not only does it make your kids into the cooks, but it gives them a meaningful experience, connecting with where their food comes from, which they can share with others. We think they won’t soon forget baking bread in our earth oven or harvesting the spinach for spinach salad. 

Did we mention that having your bread, pie, potatoes and salad prepared the day before seriously cuts down on Thanksgiving day stress?

Join us! We offer this program every year on the day before Thanksgiving. It’s from 9am-4pm, so be prepared for full day of cooking. Bring a sack lunch and register per child. You can sign up on our website.

If you can’t make the Thanksgiving Food from the Farm program, join us the previous Sunday (November 24) from 10am-3pm for our Pumpkin Pie program. You’ll experience the farm through a tour and animals chores, then make a delicious pumpkin pie to take home.

Imagine you’re back at that Thanksgiving feast where we began. As you tell the stories of your meal to your family and friends, you are more and more certain about what you are thankful for: a farm that grows delicious food, the land that supports us all, and a new way to celebrate Thanksgiving. 

Thanks to amazing AOLC supporter Lenae Weichel for this wonderful idea!


By Liz Whitehurst, On Farm Program Director