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Top 5 Reasons to Join the Roots & Wings CSA

Helloooo?  Spring?  Are you there, Spring? ...Anyone?  Oh!  There you are!  Don’t EVER scare me like that again!  We were SO WORRIED about you.  We at Roots & Wings are ready to get outdoors and make something good come out of our small piece of Earth.  

We planted our new apple, pear, plum and cherry trees, and we see the garlic popping up that we put in last fall.  Ms Janice has been flyering like mad to get Blackhawk Courts residents involved in farm work, and Yatte just graduated from the MakeMovingPictures filmography program and comes to this season armed with a camera to document our every move.

 I’ve been making sure the vegetables we need to plant will all fit into our 0.3-acre space, as well as trying to make people salivate at the thought of our juicy tomatoes and crunchy greens.  Here are the Top 5 Reasons to Buy a Roots & Wings CSA Share:

  1. FRESH FOOD: Your vegetables and herbs will come from within Rockford city limits, so the only way you could get fresher food is if you grow it yourself!  (Don’t do that -- we’re professionals.)  When vegetables are picked at the perfect time, they’re the most flavorful and nutritious they can be.  Industrially-grown food has to travel a long way, so it’s usually picked too early and artificially-ripened.  On our farm, we let good soil provide the vitamins and minerals that plants need, which in turn is what your belly needs.

  2. YOUTH-GROWN FOOD: The Youth Leaders are residents of Rockford Housing Authority and surrounding neighborhoods, who enroll in a summer-long job readiness and leadership training program.  They don’t just learn how to farm and sell good food -- they learn how to make group decisions, how to stay committed to tasks, and when to take initiative to improve conditions around them.  They’re among the most impressive young people I’ve met, and they do everything required to get you a box each week.

  3. HEALTHY & CLEAN FOOD:  Soil is not merely a place for roots -- it’s a living room! Fungi, bacteria, arthropods, worms and many other critters cooperate to make minerals and nutrients available for plants, which in turn feed sugars to these creatures. The richer this soil ecosystem is, the more resilient plants are against pests and diseases, and the more nutrition gets packed into the food we harvest.  To keep a diversity of soil and farm life alive, we use only organic growing practices, organic fertilizers, and gentle organic pesticides as needed.

  4. LOCAL INVESTMENT: When you buy from us (or other local businesses) we in turn tend to spend that money on supplies we need in the Rockford area.  I love heading to Nicholson’s Hardware when we need a quick fix.  We get seedlings from nearby farmers with greenhouses.  We pay Adult Apprentices to work with us, who are Blackhawk Courts residents.  Buying locally keeps money circulating nearby, making this place richer, in every sense!

  5. FUN & EXPERIMENTATION: We’re here for a good time, not here for a long time!  We invite you to special farm events as part of your membership, but also encourage you come by and plant or dig or weed alongside us, which makes the work much more fun.  Because of the variety of produce in your box, you also get to try new vegetables in exciting recipes -- just what you need to shake yourself out of a kitchen rut.

These are just a few of the great reasons to become a member of our farm this season.  Come on out and find out for yourself!  See the brochure below for more info, and sign up HERE

Spencer, Urban Farm Manager