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Top Five Reasons to Bring your Class on a Farm Field Trip

1. We'll customize an educational experience just for you. A farm field trip to the Angelic Organics Learning Center doesn't follow a standard script; instead, we work with you to create a field trip the meets your goals. For example, last fall we designed a special field trip to complement the measurement unit for an elementary school science class: we converted cups to ounces when we made pumpkin pie, weighed our harvest, and measured the fields.

2. We're a working organic farm. If you're hoping that your field trip will reinforce classroom concepts in a real-world setting, then a real working farm is the place to go. Our partner farm, Angelic Organics, is one of the oldest CSA farms in the country and they grow, pack, and distribute veggies to over 1500 shareholders each week. 

3. Our educators are experienced, knowledgeable and passionate about what they do. Each of our educators has in-depth understanding of sustainable food and farming, as well as significant education experience.

4. Thanks to generous donors, we have assistance with fees available through our Farm for All Fund. We think that all kids can benefit from an on-farm experience, so we’re excited to make our trips available to even more kids this year.

5. You’ll see your students make critical connections through hands-on experiences. Your students will leave the farm with a new understanding of how their food choices impact the environment. Their experiences on the farm-sights, sounds, smells, and tastes-have enormous potential to inspire healthy choices and environmental awareness for years to come.


Ready to schedule your farm field trip? Check out our website for more information, and contact us to schedule your trip today.