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Trogg’s Hollow Farm Paying it Forward

Trogg's Hollow, Chris Prchal, Stateline Farm Beginnings, CRAFTWhen Chris and Marcy Prchal started a family, they decided to go into farming.  They weren’t aiming to strike it rich; they simply wanted to provide for their family of six, give their children a meaningful upbringing, and support the community with sustainably grown, real food. They joined the Stateline Farm Beginnings program at Angelic Organics Learning Center to help them get started. Since graduating from the program, Chris has joined the SFB steering committee and they are also contributing members of CRAFT (Collaborative Regional Alliance of Farmer Training). 

The Prchals began Trogg’s Hollow in Elgin, but moved out to Poplar Grove in the beginning of December 2012.  “In Elgin, we tried to be as much a part of the community as we could,” Chris explained to me.  As a way to give back to the community, they donated extra shares to the food pantry regularly.  Contemplating how they could be involved and help people in their new location, Chris and Marcy decided to contact the Rockford YMCA and donate two extra CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) shares to families in need.

“We’ll grow it, you promote it,” Chris and Marcy told the YMCA.  The Y had people nominate families in need from the community to receive 18-week shares of vegetables.  One share went to a woman who had been fighting cancer for the past 5 years and was working to get her health back in order through nutrition.  The other family had fallen on rough times with the death of the father and subsequent loss of income.

“Not that we need them to come out here, but I wanted them to come out to the farm and see that there are people actually growing like this; that this is what real food looks like.  It is an educational process too.  We really push the community aspect.” Chris explained. 

The families enjoy coming out to the farm to pick up their CSA boxes and have developed a relationship with the Prchals and their food in the process.  The recipients of the CSA shares were awarded the shares in a small ceremony at the YMCA and were also gifted with seasonal memberships to the YMCA. 

By Jessie Crow Mermel, Communications Coordinator, On Farm Educator