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Volunteer Because it Matters

In the wake of so many natural disasters in this country and beyond, we can see why volunteering matters. It’s not about the hours, it’s not about the optics, it’s about the community and helping people in need. We’ve seen communities in Houston and Miami and across the Caribbean venture into uncertainty to rescue and assist others all in the name of caring for people around them. 

Sometimes it takes a disaster to come together and remember who we are and what matters the most. But it certainly doesn’t have to. Find a volunteer event or an organization you can get behind, and donate some time towards doing what you can, with what you have, where you are.

A few weeks ago we asked for volunteers to spend the last Saturday of August helping us clear brush and poison ivy from the grounds at Angelic Organics Lodge instead of enjoying the last warm weekend of summer. We saw a mix of people come out to help us from Angelic Organics Learning Center staff and family, to high school students who had never been to the farm before, to campers who have been coming to the farm for years. Having this opportunity to enjoy a community that you often only get to see in bits and pieces is energizing and invigorating despite the hard work. 

Seeing people from different walks of life donate a Saturday to us couldn’t make us more grateful. Some of them did it because a teacher made a suggestion. Some did it because they believe we need to fix our food system and treat the earth with thought and care. And some did it because they love the farm and want to see us succeed in growing our roots and expanding what we can offer to new, exciting programs. The work wasn’t glamorous, and it might not seem like much, but it was good for the land it allowed us to continue moving forward. 

Whatever the reason is, we hope you’ll volunteer with us this fall. We could use some help as we try to get ready for new opportunities in the coming year. But more than that we hope you’ll volunteer. We hope you’ll spend some time connecting to what’s important to you in the community you are a part of and that you have the most impact on. What you do matters. 

Get out and volunteer. 

By Becca Chelton
On-Farm Program Assistant