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What Goes Around, Comes Around

Iris Moore, ceramic, compost, artist, ceramic art, #AngelicDinner

When fine artist Iris Moore attended an artist's tour of the farm in May, she was immediately inspired.  Realizing that all the abundance from Angelic Organics begins in the compost, Iris took some casts of the compost piles.  She transformed the compost molds into beautiful ceramic plates symbolizing the complete cycle of compost to soil to food to plate and back again.  After falling in love with the farm, she wished to offer something in return.  Therefore, she brought the platters and bowls to the Peak Harvest Farm Dinner to be used as serving platters and centerpieces.

Iris Moore, artist, art, bowl, compost, ceramic art, centerpiece, #AngelicDinner Iris Moore, artist, art, bowl, compost, ceramic art, #AngelicDinner

Iris has so generously offered these bowls and platters as gifts to the Learning Center, with 100% of the proceeds going to our programs.  The plates sold like hot-cakes at the Farm Dinner and we have a handful left over that are for sale at our Learning Center store at the farm in Caledonia.

We love the bowls and are so grateful to Iris for offering this wonderful gift to the Learing Center.

Artist's Statement:...

These bowls are made from molds taken from the Angelic Organics Learning Center's compost piles.  They represent a link in the transformation of plant and animal matter to nourishing food to compost and back again.


Filling these bowls with food reinforces that connection with the material, physical, living world as well as with each other as we share this beautiful meal to benefit Angelic Organics Learning Center.