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What Links Us

What Links Us

Bless the spirit that makes connections,

for truly we live in what we imagine.

Clocks move alongside our real life

with steps that are ever the same.


Though we do not know our exact location,

we are held in place by what links us.

Across trackless distances

antennas sense each other.


Pure attention, the essence of the powers!

Distracted by each day’s doing,

how can we hear the signals?


Even as the farmer labors

there where the seed turns into summer,

it is not his work. It is Earth who gives.

Sonnets to Orpheus I, 12, Rainer Maria Rilke


My last day as Communications Coordinator for Angelic Organics Learning Center was an unusually quiet day on the farm. There were no groups visiting, staff folks were busy with meetings, many away from the farm. It was a perfect time to listen to the farm and be present with the incredible beauty that is all around. The farm has many stories to tell and I have been a privileged listener.

This position has been a huge part of my life for the past two and half years. It has been a real gift in my life to be able to capture stories and images that weave together to create a beautiful tapestry of a connected, healthier world. I was honored to share the stories through both my own words and those of others whose work is building the good food movement.

These inspiring stories lift up what our culture as largely forgotten or ignored - the vision and noble struggle of farmers, the return to integrity and humane treatment of farm animals, the respect for life in the soil, and the cultural healing of farmers of color returning to the field out of love, not coercion.

I have had the pleasure of meeting amazing people that inspire hope in a time when hope is in short supply. Hope is actively created, and the people associated with Angelic Organics Learning Center are doing just that by returning to the land, embracing the farm, and generously passing on the skills needed for resilience and sustainability.

Although my name will no longer bear the title of Communications Coordinator, the work of listening, observing, and sharing continues as I am able to share my deep love the soil, animals, insects, farmers, workers, and the nature of the farm herself with folks as an On-Farm Educator and garden leader. This farm links us and the stories will continue to grow from this amazing place like the vegetables from the earth.


By Jessie Crow Mermel

On-Farm Educator