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Farmer Training Initiative

Want to connect with like minded farmers?
Upper Midwest CRAFT is a vital alliance of alternative agriculture farmers focused farmer-led training. This members-only circle offers annual field day training, weekly newsletters, and much more!
Ready to turn your dream farm into a profitable business?
Stateline Farm Beginnings® is a yearlong program designed for beginning and transitioning farmers. Get hands-on farming training, business & financial planning skills, and connect with your peers!
Seeking peer support and learning?
Farm Viability Circles is a peer-directed groups that contribute to economic viability and stability for non-commodity farms.
Need on-the-job mentorship?
Take Root is a yearlong work match program focused on hands on farming work experience.
Looking for farm resources for every stage of your journey?
Check out Take Root! Find programs and services to meet the needs of your farm. Connect and network with farmers and agricultural experts. Browse our ever-growing resources.