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Graduate Profiles

Since 2005, graduates of Stateline Farm Beginnings (SFB) have launched more than 55 new sustainable farms in our region. Here is a sneak peek of just a few graduates farms. 

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Starting Small With Farming
In Baraboo, Wisconsin, a short walk outside of Devil’s Lake State Park, lives Little Society Farm, a farm started in 2017 by Brad Wissmueller and Eleanor Johnson. Despite having little previous farming experience, Stateline Farm Beginnings helped them start small with farming!
Karolina's First Year of Farming
Karolina Kowalczyk grew up in a small town in Poland where most people around her “farmed, kept livestock, and were self-sufficient;” it was this environment that gave her a love of growing food. Learn about her first year as a farmer and how Stateline Farm Beginnings helped her make her dreams reality!
Field and Farm Co.
Read up and watch our video on Ben and Meghan Snare, owners of Field and Farm Co. to learn more about their journey to becoming farmers and how Stateline Farm Beginnings helped them get there. (Spoiler Alert: They're still in love with farming and their business is thriving!)
Weis Spectrum Farm & Clare Gardens
Stateline Farm Beginnings Year 11 graduate, AJ Weis, tells us how he uses farming to help his community in the Milwaukee area.
The Victory Garden Farm
Read how Vanessa Quiñones of the The Victory Garden Farm launched her farm business with the help of Stateline Farm Beginnings.
Local Farmer Encourages Employees to Apply for Stateline Farm Beginnings
Cliff McConville of All Grass Farms has sent two of his farm employees to Stateline Farm Beginnings to continue their education and prepare them for running their own farm businesses. Learn why he chooses Stateline Farm Beginnings and read his employees' own stories and experiences with the program.
3 Flat Acres
Read our conversation with Angie and Bill Mitchell of 3 Flat Acres, graduates of Stateline Farm Beginnings Year 5 (2009-2010).
Trogg's Hollow
Chris and Marcy Prchal are Year 6 (2010-2011) graduates of Stateline Farm Beginnings. Read about how they've been paying it forward since their graduation.
Stateline Farm Beginnings 2012-2013 Graduate Interviews
Students of Stateline Farm Beginnings Year 8 (2012-2013) tell us about their farms and farming aspirations in Caledonia, Illinois at Angelic Organics Learning Center.