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Our three-legged goat, five years later....

A family recently returned to the farm for the first time since 2004, the year when Sylvia, the three-legged goat, was born.   Their young daughter was so enchanted by Sylvia’s sweet disposition that she insisted that people address her as Sylvia, and, eventually, her parents made Sylvia her middle name.   This child growing up in Chicago had a goat as an important childhood friend!

Thousands of people visit the farm and Learning Center every year; I believe that the most powerful aspect of their visits is not the skills or information that they return home with, but the relationship that develops with the farm.  Often, for children especially, this relationship may be with a particular animal like Sylvia.   For others, the relationship may be that they helped with a meaningful work project, like building a barn.  And, from many adults, I hear stories of how their visit to the Learning Center evokes memories of their grandmother’s or uncle’s farm where they spent summers as a child.  


With families and groups that come back to the farm year after year, I often hear these stories of relationships that develop and transform people’s lives.   I’m wondering how many more stories are out there that I haven’t heard!  If you are one of those people who came for a workshop or program, and left changed in some way, please send me an email: