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Egg Vending Machine

Last fall, I was sent a link to an article describing European farmers who have set up vending machines for fresh foods straight from their farms.


It seemed like a good idea, perhaps, for our on-farm education programs.  I was ruminating on this as I headed out to feed the animals.  Then it struck me—a vending machine has a lot in common with a chicken nesting box—the same boxy dimensions, made of many chicken size compartments and filled with delicious treats.


My mind started spinning:  Why not just skip the egg carton altogether, and set up a vending machine directly in the wall of the chicken house?  Square-ish nesting boxes could be built right in, filled with straw, all dark and cozy.  The chickens would hop in, lay an egg, then hop out and get on with their day hunting for seeds and bugs.


A visiting child could pop a few quarters into the outside, then open up a little door and reach inside to get their newly laid egg, still warm and fresh as can be.


Imagine a world with vending machines like this in every school and business!  Chickens in the school courtyard and city roofs, delivering  eggs directly, cutting out the Styrofoam egg carton, the delivery truck, the miles and weeks that separate so many of us from the source of our food.   Less soda, fewer candy bars, more fresh food!


Let me know if you’d like to come and build a prototype here at the farm…