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New Kids on the Farm!

A group of (people) kids joined us this week to welcome our newest (goat) kids to the farm. Overnight on March 23, goat goddess Thalia gave birth to two beautiful, healthy doelings. When we found them in the morning, the kids were up: walking, nursing, and ready to explore!


Meanwhile, we have a dozen children here for our first week of Kids with Kids Day Camp. The (people) kids are all assigned to their own goat mamas, and have the responsibility this week of checking the moms for signs of labor. Our junior farmers give frequent reports, “I think Tierra has discharge!” “It looks like Cocosette is having contractions!” So far, false alarms, but almost certainly one of the other 10 pregnant does will give birth as the week unfolds.


Whether or not a goat gives birth, we see changes in the children, even after their first day of camp. Given the charge of caring for newborns and mothers facing into a painful labor, the children grow in their confidence, their sense of agency and responsibility, and their reverence for life.