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The cob workshop was a foot-smashing success!

On a beautiful September Sunday, people gathered from near and far for a hands-on (and feet) learning experience building an earthen oven.


The events started with introductions and presentation by Randy Mermel and Judy Speer on the hows and whys of building with cob, which stimulated many great questions and conversations. We tried to keep the presentation to a minimum so we could get outside and get busy with the cob. Before the potluck lunch, we built the brick oven entrance, laid the fire bricks for the oven floor and prepared the sand form that would act to hold up the cob dome and form the void of the oven. After the delicious community lunch, the real fun began as we mixed the cob with our feet (the cob dance) and began to build the oven! 
We carefully packed the cob around the sand form as we laughed and got to know each other better. We were successful in getting the first layer of the oven in place.


At this point, it was necessary to stop to let this layer dry before we added the thermal layer. 
We drove in a caravan to Angelic Organics to try out the oven that was build two years ago. Thanks to Delora, who had started the oven two hours earlier, all we had to do was remove the coals to bake some bread. As soon as the loaves were placed, we began to smell the wonderful aroma of artisan bread baking. The first loaf was baked in less than four minutes and we enjoyed eating it with butter and cheese.


We are inviting the group out to complete the oven and the benches, as well as to nurture the connections that were created at the first workshop and to promote sustainable building practices! We look forward to enjoying warm bread straight from the cob oven on the cold autumn days.