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First baby goats of the spring!

Learning Center day-camper Myles (pictured above) turned 8 this week, and received an unusual birthday present: a newborn goat as a namesake! 


Spring is kidding season at the Learning Center, and on March 23, our first three baby goats were born during our popular Kids with Kids daycamp! The camp group present on the day of a goat birth gets the priviledge of naming the new kids.

Program Director Deb Crockett reports that everyone was a bit disappointed after the first day of camp, as none of the goats had given birth yet. "But this morning, when the campers arrived, we found two of our goats in signs of labor," Deb says. "We quickly finished our other chores to gather around the imminent birth."


Myles noticed mother Cocosette's signs of birth and was really hopeful. With fingers crossed on both hands, he said, “One of them has GOT to be a boy.”  Sure enough, our first born of the year was a beautiful black buckling, with brown socks and a white star on his forehead (Myles), soon followed afterwards by his nearly identical sister, Stella (with a slightly brighter star gracing her face). “Boom Boom Chicken” was born several hours later to mother goat Helenisse.


Another camper, Savannah, said:  “I’ve never seen a goat born before. This was the best day of my life.”