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Symphony with the Farm

One of the joys of working at the Learning Center is experiencing the farm for the first time through the eyes of a child.  That connection with the farm is often delightful, and surprising, coming in forms so different from the connections adults make with the farm.

This week, the Waldorf 3rd graders were helping me care for the chickens during animal chores.  We opened the door to the eggmobile, and the three girls hopped right up.

The chickens, as they settled in towards night, had begun to roost.  For those uninitiated to farm life, chickens sleep on branches or logs, with their feet locked in place. The eggmobile is set up with three roosting bars that cross the back of the chicken house like, well, risers for a choir.

At the sight of chickens lined up on the “risers”, the three girls faced the birds, lifted their arms like conductors, and spontaneously broke out in song, singing gospel, “Didn’t my Lord Deliver Daniel;”, in a beautiful harmony that Waldorf students know so well.

The boys continued to fill the water bucket.  The girls sang and conducted enthusiastically.  The chickens blinked and preened.  A few of must  have a different taste in music (they left), but the rest apparently enjoyed their serenade.

I found out later it, appropriately, was “International Respect a Chicken Day.”  Somehow, those girls knew where they belonged in the symphony of the farm.