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For the Love of Chickens

Angelic Organics Learning Center's Chicago Program Director Martha Boyd, who moderates the Chicagoland Chicken Enthusiasts, staffed a table for CCE at the 12th Ward's Green Fair in McKinley Park on April 11. Alderman George Cardenas, Chair of the City Council's Committee on Health and Environmental Protection, welcomed the exhibitors and some 800 neighbors, teachers, and students who came from area junior and high schools. Corey Gilson, CCE-member and keeper of backyard livestock in Logan Square, brought his Ameracauna hen, Noodles, and a cage of juvenile Japanese quails -- which he also calls "kitchen chickens" since they can be raised indoors. Both birds and their display eggs attracted lots of questions, and all survived the curious crowds intact.

Thanks to the 12th ward for organizing the event and inviting us to be there!