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Sleeping Under the Snow

I find myself at the sleeping farm on 15th Ave in Rockford, Illinois. The scene and mood is sterile compared with the energy and hubbub of the summer growing season. I miss growing fresh vegetables, cooking with the youth leaders and the people that visit Blackhawk Courts Farm and Gardens. I try to wish the snow away, but then stop. Every season even a snowy winter is part of a grand scheme. Snowflakes as well as compost replenish our earth.

Snowy garden, George Washington Carver

Dan Janssen, a University Extension Educator in southeastern Nebraska, said it simply. “ Snow cover makes winter complete”. The benefit of snow is that it can act as a warm blanket for plant life. Isn’t that funny because it makes us shiver. Our chives, cover crops and STRAWBERRIES are snuggling in snow. The roots are protected from extremes. The same protection prevents soil buckling from freezing and thawing. To top it off it conserves water and releases it a little at a time. So I am not wishing for spring as much as celebrating blessings of the here and now.


By Katie Townsend, Urban Farm Educator