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Pasture Meats from Angelic Organics Learning Center

Meat orders at Angelic Organics Learning Center are processed on an annual basis. Orders for the year become available in the spring, and meat is available for pickup in November and December. Get on our VIP List to receive first notice in the spring and place your order before we promote to the public.

Meadow Pork
Meadow Pigs at Angelic Organics Learning Center are raised outdoors with free access to pasture, sunshine, fresh air, clean water, and shelter. Our pigs forage for part of their diet on oak savannah pasture which we supplement with vegetable scraps raised at Angelic Organics farm (a certified organic community supported agriculture farm that follows Biodynamic principles), certified organic grains (no soy), and acorns from our majestic oaks in the Fall!
Grass-Fed Beef
Our grass-fed beef is from cows raised outdoors on pasture, with sunshine, fresh air, and clean water - as nature intended. For more information on how we raise our cows, see “A Cow’s Life at Angelic Organics Learning Center”. We use Eickman's to process your beef cuts. Eickman's is a family-owned multi-generational small business in Seward, Illinois. No Water is added to any of the cuts, and there are NO preservatives, NO nitrates, and NO MSG. You can pick up your beef cuts and/or packs in early December from Eickman's at your convenience.
Free-Range Soup Chickens
Delicious and nutritious, our free-range soup chickens make the best broth! Perfect for a slow cooked pot of chicken soup (for best results, slow cook or stew for 4 hours). This batch of healthy soup chickens comes from our free-range pasture-raised laying hens. They are generally 3.5 to 4.5 pounds each. These birds are raised year-round on outdoor pastures, where they forage on grass and bugs, and eat certified organic grains from the Kelsey Farm in Pecatonica, Illinois. We use no hormones, no antibiotics, and no soy!
Pastured Goat
Pastured goats at Angelic Organics Learning Center are raised outdoors on pasture, with sunshine, fresh air, and clean water - as nature intended. They have daily access to shelter in loafing sheds in our goat barn and timber frame barn. Goats have free choice minerals from Crystal Creek, a company committed to high quality natural livestock products. We use NO soy, NO antibiotics, and NO growth hormones. Pick up your live goat on a date you choose (and transport it yourself to the meat processor). Reserve yours today!