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Meadow Pork

**Only 30 Lb Meadow Pork sampler boxes are available at this time.**

Meadow Pigs at Angelic Organics Learning Center are raised outdoors with free access to pasture, sunshine, fresh air, clean water, & shelter. Our pigs forage for part of their diet on oak savannah pasture and we supplement with:

  • Vegetable scraps raised at Angelic Organics farm (a certified organic community supported agriculture farm that follows Biodynamic principles)
  • Certified organic grains (no soy, raised locally)
  • Acorns from our majestic oaks! (in the Fall)

We use Eickman's to process your pork cuts. Eickman's is a family-owned multi-generational small business in Seward, Illinois. No water is added to any of the cuts, and there are NO preservatives, NO nitrites, and NO MSG. Orders for pork open annually in the spring, and pork is available in early December from Eickman's (hours & location). Our staff will contact you when the meats are ready for pick-up.

Get on our VIP List to place your order before we promote to the public.

All proceeds support the nonprofit education and sustainable farmer training programs at Angelic Organics Learning Center.
2018 Pasture Meat Flyer - Download Here