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Meadow Pork - 30 lb. Pork Package

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*Weights and numbers of cuts below are approximate to give you an idea of what may be in your box. Depending on the final weights of our pigs, some cuts may not be included in each pack and the number of cuts may vary to reach the box weight. All processing fees included.  

We have one box left for purchase now from our 2018 season, and will waiting for you to pick up at Eickman's. NOTE: There were extra cuts of premium hamsteak, ham, and pork chops, but with no bacon.

Boxes can also be reserved now for pickup in late November or early December. Please specify in the comments if you would like to pick up this fall. 

NEW: You can now opt to pick up your box at All Grass Farms in Dundee, IL. Simply write "All Grass Farms" in the comments, and you'll be contacted within 2 weeks (or this fall) to let you know that your box is ready.

30 lb. Pork Package = $220

Number          Item* (approx. contents)

16                  8 oz. Pork Chops

2                    12 oz. Ham Steaks

4                    1 lb. pkgs. Bacon

1                    4 lb. Pork Roast

1                    1.5 lbs. pkg. Ribs or Roast     

12                  1 lb. pkgs. Italian/Breakfast Sau     

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