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Pastured Goat

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Pastured Goat – Approximate Cost $150-$300 Per Adult Goat

Pastured goats at Angelic Organics Learning Center are raised outdoors on pasture, with sunshine, fresh air, and clean water - as nature intended. They have daily access to shelter in loafing sheds in our goat barn and timber frame barn. Goats have free choice minerals from Crystal Creek, a company committed to high quality natural livestock products.  

We use NO soy, NO antibiotics, and NO growth hormones. 

Our pastured goats are sold live (at $2.25/lb. live weight) and are picked up at Angelic Organics Learning Center, located at 1545 Rockton Road in Caledonia, Illinois.

We weigh the goats on the date of pick up. Shareholders then pay the balance due (after deducting the prepaid deposit of $50).

For adult goats, prices range from $150-300 per goat.

Pick up your live goat on a date you choose in July or August, and then transport it yourself to the meat processor of your choice. 

Take Home Meat / Required Freezer Space

100 lbs is equivalent to about 4 cubic ft. of freezer space or 4 full-sized grocery bags.

All proceeds support our nonprofit education and training programs.

Contact us to visit or order a goat at 815-389-8455. Goats available in July 2018.