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History of urban growing & community partnerships in Chicago

How has Angelic Organics Learning Center shaped Urban Agriculture in Chicago?

Since 2004, we have:

Sparked successful urban farms and gardens via a participatory community development approach including:

  • Growing Home at Su Casa and at Wood Street Farm in Englewood
  • Sophia/Ruby Garden in Rogers Park
  • South Chicago Artists Garden and others in South Chicago
  • Amor de Dios Garden and Troy Community Garden in Little Village

Trained urban growers through public workshops, public events, community-based events and training for peer organizations.

Secured land and infrastructure for urban farms in Englewood and Little Village by working effectively with elected officials and city government, community-based organizations, schools, churches, and others to advocate for and access urban land.

Provided leadership for participatory community development for urban agriculture and a vibrant local food system in Englewood.

Served as a backbone organization for emerging civic spaces in Chicago related to Urban Agriculture through leadership with Chicagoland Chicken Enthusiasts, the Urban Livestock Expo, Advocates for Urban Agriculture, and much more!

Advised and consulted on next generation of Urban Agriculture policies, educational programs, and practices.

Provided training to citizens and students on urban agriculture policy and needs.

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